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Sunday Sept 18th
16:00 Registration
Opening ceremony
18:50 Elefterios Lidorikis (Conference Chair)
18:55 Thomas Bakas (Vice Rector of the University of Ioannina)
19:00 Andrea C. Ferrari (Cambridge University) (plenary) The Roadmap to Applications of Graphene, Layered Materials and Hybrid Systems
20:00 Welcome Reception
Monday Sept 19th
Session1: Surfaces, Interfaces and Nanomaterials I
chair: S. Agathopoulos (U. Ioannina)
T11 9:00 Wayne D. Kaplan (Technion-Israel) (keynote) Adsorption Transitions and Microstructural Evolution
T12 9:40 Thomas Kehagias (AUTh) Strain and composition variations in the (211)B GaAs/InAs quantum dot heterostructure
T13 9:55 Maria Katsikini (AUTh) GaN nanocrystal formation in a SiO2 matrix
T14 10:10 Theodoros Leontiou (Frederic-Cyprus) (invited) Stress and Composition of SiGe Nanostructures on Curved Substrates
T15 10:40 Theodore Pavloudis (AUTh) Hydrogen diffusion through the Pd/Mg interface of Pd nanoparticles deposited on Mg nanofilms
10:55Coffee break
Session 2: Ceramics, composites, minerals and metals
chair: W. Kaplan (Technion-Israel)
T21 11:30 Athanasios Godelitsas (U. Athens) (invited) Mineral Nanoparticles, Nanominerals and Natural Nanoporous Oxide Materials
T22 12:00 George Litsardakis (AUTh) Low temperature synthesis of ferrites for LTCC applications
T23 12:15 Petros Nikolaou (Cyprus U. Techn.) Hydrogenated amorphous carbon with embedded plasmonic NPs of silver/gold: nanocomposite films for selective and broadband optical absorption
T24 12:30 Maria Karampiperi (AUTh) Radiophotoluminescence for medical dosimetry
T25 12:45 Simeon Agathopoulos (U. Ioannina) The influence of wetting phenomena, thermodynamics and kinetics in the production of ceramic/metal composites
13:00Lunch break
Sesssion 3: 2D Materials
chair: A. Laskarakis (AUTh)
T31 14:30 Emmanuel Kymakis (TEI-Crete) (invited) Graphene and other 2D-based materials for organic and hybrid solar cells
T32 15:00 George Kioseoglou (U. Crete) Spin relaxation and intervalley scattering in 2D semiconductors
T33 15:15 Georgios Kopidakis (U. Crete) Electronic properties engineering of transition metal dichalcogenides: strained monolayers and nanoribbons
T34 15:30 John Parthenios (ICEHT-FORTH) Near field Raman scattering in Molybdenum disulfide
T35 15:45 Maria Kandyla (NHRF) Properties of graphene supported on gold-coated black silicon
T36 16:00 George Kalosakas (U. Patras) Controlled formation of carbon nanostructures through defect engineering in graphene
16:15Coffee break
Session 4: Photonics and Optoelectronics
chair: P. Patsalas (AUTh)
T41 16:45 Ioannins Raptis (NCSR-Demokritos) (invited) Monolithically integrated optoelectronic platform for Point-of-Need application in health & food safety
T42 17:15 Georgios Kakarantzas (NHRF) Silica nanowires with a highly nonlinear glass thin coating for flat extra-wide supercontinuum generation
T43 17:30 Konstantinos Vyrsokinos (AUTh) Investigation of Silicon Photonics pn junctions for fast Electro-Optical Switching
T44 17:45 D. Chatzitheocharis (AUTh) Investigation of Silicon NanophotonicSingle-Mode Polarization Insensitive Waveguides
T45 18:00 Thomas Christopoulos (AUTh) Graphene-Based Nonlinear Resonators for Optical Bistability: A Coupled Mode Theory Approach
Special Session I: Sponsor Presentations
chair: K. Prouskas (U. Ioannina)
E1 18:20 Vector Technologies LTD
E2 18:28 Anelis E.E. - SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH
E3 18:36 LaborScience S.A.
18:45 Poster Session I: Topics 2, 4, 6
chair: Ch. Lekka (U. Ioannina), D. Anagnostopoulos (U. Ioannina)
Tuesday Sept 20th
Session 5: Low dimensional metarials and systems
chair: J. Kallitsis (U. Patras)
T51 9:00 Kyriakos Porfyrakis (Oxford-UK) (keynote) Fullerenes: Production, Properties and Applications
T52 9:40 Argiris Laskarakis (AUTh) (invited) In-line high precision optical metrology for mass production of Organic Electronics
T53 10:10 Ioanna Zergioti (NTUA) Laser fabrication of a hybrid platform combining electrical and optical interconnects
T54 10:25 Dimitris Tsikritzis (U. Patras) Energy level alignment regimes at P3HT and modified ITO interfaces: The influence of the substrate work function
T55 10:40 Periklis Papadopoulos (U. Ioannina) Wetting states on superoleophobic surfaces
T56 10:55 Theodoros E. Karakasidis (U. Thessaly) Molecular Dynamics to extract friction factor at the nanoscale
11:10Coffee break
Session 6: Structural and mechanical properties
chair: P. Kelires (Cyprus U. Techn.)
T61 11:40 Gregory Abadias (U. Poitiers-France) (invited) Uncovering thin film growth dynamics from in situ and real-time diagnostics
T62 12:10 George Dimitrakopulos (AUTh) (invited) Plastic strain relaxation in heteroepitaxy: A critical comparison of mechanisms and processes in III-Nitride epilayers
T63 12:40 Panagiotis Pappas (NTUA) GIXRD Study of multiferroic EuTiO3 with in-situ application of electric field (cancelled)
T64 12:55 Marios Constantinou (Cyprus U. Techn.) Nanomechanical characteristics of pulsed-laser deposited DLC films with metallic (Ag, Mo) nanoinclusions
T65 13:10 Christina Kyrou (U. Athens) Polarized micro-Raman Study of the impact of Nanoparticle Shape and Concentration on the Nematic Liquid Crystalline Orientational Order
13:25Lunch break
Session 7: Polymers and organic materials
chair: K. Porfyrakis (Oxford-UK)
T71 15:00 Joannis K. Kallitsis (U. Patras) (invited) Polymeric Semiconductors and their Carbon Nanostructure Hybrids for Organic Photovoltaics
T72 15:30 Athanasios Katsouras (U. Ioannina) Chemical structure optimization in high performance electron donor conjugated polymers based on indacenodithiophene and indacenodithienothiophene for organic photovoltaic applications
T73 15:45 Georgios Constantinides (Cyprus U. Techn.) Buckling-Induced Pattering of PDMS Surfaces Through Argon Ion Bombardment
T74 16:00 Alexandros Vanakaras (U. Patras) Surface-induced alignment of liquid crystalline dendrimers
T75 16:15 Efthymia Ramou (U. Patras) Liquid Crystalline Behaviour of Dimeric Systems Exhibiting Two Nematic Phases
T76 16:30 Apostolos Koutsioukis (U. Patras) A simple route to increase electrical conductivity of Graphene/CNTs thin films by compression.
16:45Coffee break
Session 8: Surfaces, Interfaces and Nanomaterials II
chair: G. Dimitrakopoulos (AUTh)
T81 17:15 Kalliopi Trohidou (NCSR-Demokritos) Numerical Study of the effect of the Antiferromagnetic matrix on the Exchange Bias properties of diluted nanoparticle system
T82 17:30 Dimitris Kechrakos (ASPETE) Modeling domain wall velocity in bi-magnetic nanowires
T83 17:45 Andreas Kaidatzis (NCSR-Demokritos) Structural and magnetic properties of L10 FePt/{MgO, W, or Pt }/L10 FePt trilayers
T84 18:00 Georgios Giannopoulos (NCSR-Demokritos) Combinatorial sputtering method: Producing L10-FeNi films with coercivity in excess of 1 kOe
T85 18:15 Loukas Kastanis (NTUA) Electrical and structural characterization of memory devices with laser fabricated nanocrystals
T86 18:30 Fotis Priftis (U. Patras) On the role of entropy in the emergence of chirality in systems of achiral particles.
T87 18:45 Alexandra Stamateri (AUTh) A DFT study on the interface of prototype organic semiconductors and the silver surface
19:00 Poster Session II: Topics 1, 3, 5
chair: Ch. Lekka (U. Ioannina), D. Anagnostopoulos (U. Ioannina)
21:00 Conference dinner at “Frontzu Politeia”
Wednesday Sept 21st
Session 9: Strongly correlated systems and magnetism
chair: I. Panagiotopoulos (U. Ioannina)
T91 9:30 Manfred Albrecht (U. Augsburg, Germany) (keynote) Future concepts and materials for magnetic data storage
T92 10:10 Vassilios Kapaklis (U. Uppsala, Sweden) (invited) Thermal fluctuations in artificial spin ice
T93 10:40 Margaritis Gjoka (NCSR-Demokritos) Structure and magnet properties of R1-xZrxFe10Si2 alloys with R = Nd, Sm
T94 10:55 Eirini Myrovali (AUTh) Arranging at the nanoscale: Effect on magnetic particle hyperthermia
T95 11:10 Antonios Makridis (AUTh) Dancing with magnetism: An attempt to control cell fate
11:25Coffee break
Session 10: Biomaterials
chair: G. Kalosakas (U. Patras)
T101 12:00 Maria Chatzinikolaidou (U. Crete) (invited) Engineering biomaterials for tissue engineering with controlled immunomodulation
T102 12:30 Marianna Vasilakaki (NCSR-Demokritos) Monte Carlo Study of core/shell nanoparticles for enhanced hyperthermia performance
T103 12:45 Constantinos Simserides (U. Athens) Extra Carrier Transfer Oscillations in DNA Monomers, Dimers and Trimers
T104 13:00 Stavros X. Drakopoulos (U. Patras) Variation of Energy Density in Thermoplastic Starch-Cellulose Microcomposites with Humidity and Temperature. A new sensing capability?
13:15Coffee break and light snack
14:00 Student presentation awards
chair: E. Lidorikis (U. Ioannina)
14:30 Special Session II: Presentation of the new calls on materials and round-table with GSRT
chair: D. Niarchos (NCSR-Demokritos)
15:00 Special Session III: “Meeting of the Hellenic Society for the Science and Technology of Condensed Matter”
chair: I. Zergioti (NTUA)
15:30 Conference closing
Poster Session I, Monday Sept 19th (18:45-20:30): Topics 2, 4, 6
chair: Ch. Lekka (U. Ioannina), D. Anagnostopoulos (U. Ioannina)
Topic 2: Structural, dynamical and mechanical properties of condensed matter
P201 Theocharis Angeletos (U. Athens) Infrared Study of Defects in Nitrogen-Doped Electron Irradiated Silicon
P202 K. Filintoglou (AUTh) High pressure Raman and photoluminescence studies of InxAl1-xN (x= 0.72)
P203 S. Misopoulos (AUTh) Pressure response of the FC70 FluorinertTM studied by Raman spectroscopy
P204 F. Sebros (AUTh) High pressure Raman study of Kevlar-29 aramide fibres
P205 Calliope Bazioti (AUTh) Structural properties and strain relaxation in high alloy content InGaN films grown on AlN/Al2O3 templates by MBE
P206 Marios Constantinou (Cyprus U. Techn.) PECVD/PVD hybrid deposition technology for developing Ag- and Ti-reinforced hydrogenated amorphous carbon nanocomposite coatings
P207 Aikaterini Boutzi (AUTh) On the High Pressure Consolidation of Bi2Te3
Topic 4: Surfaces, nanomaterials and low-dimensional materials & systems
P401 Anastasios Kotoulas (AUTh) Solvothermal synthesis of carbon encapsulated cobalt nanoparticles and their response in magnetic hyperthermia.
P402 Mattheos Kamaratos (U. Ioannina) Yttrium and oxygen adsorption on silicon Si(100)2x1 surface
P403 Athanasios B. Bourlinos (U. Ioannina) Fluidized Carbon Nanotubes through Novel Modification Pathways
P404 M. K. Niora (AUTh) Variation in the anomalous fading behavior of various luminescence signals from Durango apatite versus grain sizes; from micro to nano scale
P405 Vassiliki Belessi (TEI-Athens) Gravure printing of highly conductive ink made by Graphene/MWNTs nanohybrids in polyacrylic resins
P406 Athina Alevizaki (U. Le Havre, France) Hypersonic phononic crystals made of poroelastic spheres
P407 Adam Stimoniaris (TEI W. Macedonia) Thermodynamic characterization and behavior of epoxy / fly ash composites
P408 Adam Stimoniaris (TEI W. Macedonia) Structure – Properties Relationship of Thermoset and Thermoplastic Nanocomposites Filled with Fly Ash
P409 Alexandra Ioannidou (NCSR-Demokritos) A novel one step synthesis and sintering of skutterudite CoSb3
P410 E.C Stefanaki (AUTh) The effect of synthesis technique on the microstructure of high performance PbSe thermoelectric materials
P411 Georgios Skoulatakis (U. Patras) Chemical and electrical characterization of high-k ultra-thin films on Ge substrates.
P412 Nikoletta Florini (AUTh) Finite Element Analysis of Quantum Nanostructures
P413 Stavros Kozakos (AUTh) Study of structural characteristics of polycrystalline Si thin films, grown by Al metal induced crystallization of amorphous-Si, for solar cell applications by electron microscopy techniques
P414 Martha A. Botzakaki (U. Patras) Al2O3/HfO2/p-Si MOS structures : Electrical and structural characterization
P415 Anastasios-Nikolaos Karanasios (AUTh) C-doped TiO2 powder characterization via XRD-analysis and Photo-Electrochemical experiments
P416 A. Konstantopoulou (U. Patras) Phononic band gaps in nanostructures
P417 Marianna Vasilakaki (NCSR-Demokritos) Magnetic properties of FePt films in CD and Si patterned substrates
P418 Philomela Komninou (AUTh) Strain distribution in ultra-thin In(Ga)N/GaN quantum wells
P419 Carla Cutrano (U.Ioannina) Structural, magnetic and electronic properties of CuFe nanoclusters by density functional theory calculations
P420 Pliatsikas Nikolaos (AUTh) Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity of Composite Semiconducting/Plasmonic Materials: Towards Withholding of Heavy Metal Ions from Aqueous Solutions
P421 John Nikolaides (AUTh) A material scientist's guide to fractal analysis
P422 Dimitris Bellas (U. Ioannina) Modification of Nanoparticle Arrays by Laser-Induced Self Assembly (MONA-LISA)
P423 Ch. Trapalis (U. Ioannina) Molecular Modelling of the OPV Active Material in the Vicinity of Ag Nanoparticles
Topic 6: Ceramics, composites, minerals and metals
P601 Georgia Tomara (U. Patras) Dielectric characterisation of PA6/ Boehmite alumina nanocomposites. The effect of compounding method.
P602 Antonios Theodorakakos (AUTh) Electrical Properties and Thermal Imaging of Commercial NiTi wires
P603 Angeliki G. Lekatou (U. Ioannina) Surface degradation of aluminium matrix composites reinforced by WC nanoparticles and aluminide particles
P604 Angeliki G. Lekatou (U. Ioannina) Corrosion and wear behaviour of HVOF WC-Co-Cr nanostructured and conventional coatings
P605 Ioanna Maria Zougrou (AUTh) XAFS study of hydroxyapatite and fossil bone apatite
P606 Theodoros Karakostas (AUTh) Vitrification and devitrifiation treatment for the stabilization of chromium containing tannery ash
P607 Aristotelis Kazakopoulos (TEI-Thessaloniki) Ionic Conductivity comparative study of LiZnVO4 and LiMgVO4
P608 Andreas Delimitis (CPERI-CERTH) Structural Analysis of Waste Material from Mafic Rock Quarries Used for CO2 Sequestration
Poster Session II, Tuesday Sept 20th (19:00-20:30): Topics 1, 3, 5
chair: Ch. Lekka (U. Ioannina), D. Anagnostopoulos (U. Ioannina)
Topic 1: Electronics, photonics and optoelectronics
P101 Joseph Kioseoglou (AUTh) Ab-initio structure prediction and electronic properties of [SixSn1-x]3N4 ternary nitrides
P102 Loukia Dodoleri (AUTh) Comparison between beta and ultraviolet (UV) induced Thermoluminescence in Lithium Fluoride (LiF)
P103 Tilemachos Georgakopoulos (U. Patras) Photoconductive properties of nanocrystalline TiO2 powders prepared inacidic environment
P104 Panagiota Kesidou (AUTh) Deconvolution on CaF:N glowcurves induced by ultraviolet (UV)
P105 P. Konstantinidis (AUTh) Prompt Isothermal Decay Study of CaSO4:Dy and CaSO4:Tm
P106 Vasilis Lionas (U. Patras) Electrical conductivity mechanisms of nanocrystalline TiO2 powders prepared in acidic environment
P107 Ioannis Karagiannis (AUTh) EIS studies in incandescent lamps' tungsten wires
P108 C. Petridis (TEI-Crete) Solution-processed reduced graphene-based electrodes for organic photovoltaics
P109 Spyros Doukas (U. Ioannina) Spectrometer free molecular sensing with graphene plasmons
P110 I. Vangelidis (U. Ioannina) Optimal designs of plasmonic organic photovoltaics
Topic 3: Strongly correlated systems, magnetism & superconductivity
P301 Konstantinos G. Efthimiadis (AUTh) Finite Elements Micromagnetic Simulation of the domain wall resonance
P302 Nikolaos Maniotis (AUTh) Numerical simulations of interactions between magnetic nanoparticles and living matter through magnetothermal and magnetomechanical experimental setups
P303 Zoi Kalpaxidou (AUTh) Magnetic nanoparticle heating in an AC magnetic field; an ex vivo approach
P304 Ioannis Panagiotopoulos (U. Ioannina) Study of Magnetization Reversal in Layered Heterostructures by Vector-Magnetometry
P305 George Sempros (AUTh) Synthesis, processing and characterization of FeMnGa nanoparticles for permanent magnet applications
P306 Charalampos Sarafidis (AUTh) Processing of MnBi particles by high energy surfactant assisted ball milling
P307 Kostas Georgalas (U. Athens) Magnetic ordering and low field CMR in La(Mn, Cr)O3+δ (δ≈0.09, 0.12) compounds
P308 Andreas Theodorou (U. Athens) Electrical properties of VO2 layers on Y-ZrO2 substrates
P309 K. Trohidou (NCSR-Demokritos) Numerical Study of the Exchange Bias properties of MnFe2O4/γ-Fe2O3 core/disordered shell nanoparticles
P310 Sophia Karamanou (TEI-Crete) A novel approach for Plastic Bonded Magnets of the type MQU-F melt spun NdFeGaB –type alloys
P311 Tzartzas Thanos (U. Ioannina) Motion of Magnetic Bubbles by Electric Currents in Perpendicular Anisotropy Films
P312 Ioannis Hanis (AUTh) Critical temperature investigation in high temperature superconductors by means of magnetic susceptibility measurements
Topic 5: Polymers, organic materials and biomaterials
P501 Sotirios Sakkopoulos (U. Patras) Conductivity Degradation Study of Polypyrrole and Polypyrrole/5% w/w TiO2 nanocomposite under Heat Treatment in He and Atmospheric Air
P502 Ioanna Zergioti (NTUA) Laser Induced Forward Transfer technique for the immobilization of biomaterials
P503 Achilleas Pipertzis (U. Ioannina) Ionic Conductivity in Discotic Liquid Crystals of hexa-peri-benzocoronenes (HBC) doped with lithium triflate (LiTf)
P504 Georgia K. Pouroutzidou (AUTh) Synthesis of a glass-ceramic nano-material in the ternary system SiO-CaO-MgO-CuO: effect of ball milling on the particle size, morphology and bioactive behavior
P505 Aristoula Selevou (U. Ioannina) Effect of Confinement on the Structure and Dynamics of two Rod-like Liquid Crystals
P506 Stelios Alexandris (U. Ioannina) Glass Transitions of Amorphous Polymers Confined in Nanopores: Dependence on Interfacial Energy and Thickness
P507 Maria Katsikini (AUTh) Spectroscopic study of the role of Br and Sr in colored parts of the Callinectes sapidus crab claw
P508 Thomas Nevolianis (U. Ioannina) Liquid Crystals of Hexasubstituted Benzenes bearing ultra strong dipole moments
P510 Christina Zacharaki (U. Athens) Electronic structure of purines, pyrimidines and similar molecules with LCAO
P511 Evaggelia Efthymiou Zavvou (U. Patras) Mesomorphic Behaviour and dielectric response of symmetric difluoroterphenyl methylene-linked dimers
P512 Eleni V. Christidi (U. Patras) Modelling of drug particles behavior near the release boundary: a classical and fractional dynamics approach
P513 Violetta Georgiadou (AUTh) CoFe2O4 Nanoassemblies as Dual agents: Carriers of Anti-inflammatory Drug and Imaging Probes




Invited speakers